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Antarctic Situation at 2021 June 25 British Antarctic Survey Ozone Bulletin

Antarctic ozone today:  The 2021 southern polar vortex is building, so that higher ozone values, up to 340 DU are seen around the continent.  The stratosphere is currently very stable.  Ozone amounts over the continent are still near the autumn minimum, around 250 DU and are relatively uniform, however ozone depletion is beginning to take place.  The temperature of the ozone layer over Antarctica is falling and is below the -78°C Polar Stratospheric Cloud (PSC) formation threshold.  The area with PSCs is 20 million square kilometres (msqkm), a little above average for the time of year.  The ozone layer temperature is highest around Antarctica and declines towards the equator and towards the centre of the polar vortex.  The vortex has grown to 25 msqkm, about average for the time of year.